XFN (XHTML Friends Network)

I have the “XFN Friend­ly” stick­er on my home page, but in case no one both­ers to click on it, I thought I’d men­tion XFN explic­it­ly in an entry (because I think it’s rather neat). XFN is a way to rep­re­sent human rela­tion­ships in a hyper­link — you can include spe­cial labels in your hyper­link that indi­cate whether the hyper­link rep­re­sents the web­site of a co-work­er, friend, spouse, etc. I’ve includ­ed XFN labels on all ma peeps! I’m not sure what the use of such labels are, but I imag­ine that if enough peo­ple use it, then you could “map out” all of the human rela­tion­ships that are rep­re­sent­ed between var­i­ous sites. I think it’s rather cute! Here are some XFN relat­ed websites:
— There’s the offi­cial web­site (or, I’m assum­ing it’s the offi­cial web­site). Here you can get info on how to incor­po­rate XFN into your site, what all the labels mean, and links to var­i­ous relat­ed tools.
Rub­hub: this is a site that will list all of the XFN rela­tion­ships list­ed in a site, as well as all of the oth­er web­sites that list that site as a relationship.

One thought on “XFN (XHTML Friends Network)”

  1. Inter­est­ing con­cept. It’s kin­da hard to read unless you can read HTML and are will­ing to go through the source.

    I could see this being a cute “add-on” to blogs and such, per­haps with a small fee to run the tools to link this infor­ma­tion into a blog or somesuch.

    I can’t get to the rub­hub site atm. Will try that again later.

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