New York Times has a nice list of “What to do on Elec­tion Day”, and you can find out where your polling place is at

Impor­tant stuff:

  • Bring your ID…I guess reg­u­la­tions vary from state to state con­cern­ing whether or not you need an ID or not. I know that, in Flori­da, you can sign an affa­davit if you for­get to bring a pho­to ID. So, it’s good to be aware of your state-spe­cif­ic rules (accord­ing to the NYT arti­cle, some poll work­ers will demand a pho­to ID even when it is not need­ed). Also, 
  • Know your rights con­cern­ing pro­vi­sion­al bal­lots. Even if you don’t have a required ID (or your vot­ing eli­gi­bil­i­ty is ques­tion­able), you can still fill out a pro­vi­sion­al ballot…and your eli­gi­bil­i­ty can be deter­mined later.

So…go and vote, lazy mon­keys. No excuses!

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  1. As a poll work­er, hav­ing your pho­to ID just speeds the process up a lot quick­er. One of the bet­ter things I liked about the polls is that if there is some­thing wrong with your reg­is­tra­tion, you can more than like­ly still vote (pro­vi­sion­al or oth­er­wise), but you can squared away with a change of address form, change of par­ty form–one per­son even need­ed to change the sex on his reg­is­tra­tion form.

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