twinkies turing test

Check out this page describ­ing The Tur­ing Test as applied to a twinkie. Too fun­ny. For those of you that don’t know what The Tur­ing Test is: it is essen­tial­ly a test for com­put­er intel­li­gence. You set an exper­i­ment in which a vol­un­teer is talk­ing to “some­one” via a com­put­er con­sole. The vol­un­teer is not told whether it is a com­put­er or a human being at the oth­er end, and is asked to guess what she thinks she is talk­ing to (a com­put­er or a human). If the com­put­er fools the vol­un­teer into think­ing that it’s human, it “pass­es” the test and thus has intel­li­gence. Look here fore a more thor­ough explanation!

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