6 thoughts on “tulip windowmaker theme”

  1. You’re using debian!! Oh, I *heart* you! 🙂 I knew you were a lin­ux user, just did­n’t know you were using debian!

  2. The coolest!! I keep try­ing to tell work why Debian is bet­ter than RedHat/Mandrake and the rest (they’re try­ing to use it as a serv­er, and are Microsoft drones *sigh*).

    Tina, you do rock 🙂

  3. Here’s a par­tial list:
    1. Word pro­cess­ing, etc.: OpenOf­fice (some­times I use abiword)
    2. Writ­ing LaTeX doc­u­ments: gedit
    3. HTML edit­ing: Bluefish
    4. Image edit­ing: GIMP
    5. Web brows­ing: Mozil­la Firefox
    6. E‑mail client: Mutt
    7. FTP pro­gram: gftp

    Those are most of the apps I use day to day. Why do you ask? What do you use?

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