tulip photos

I bought some tulips the oth­er day, thought they were just pre­cious, so I took some equal­ly pre­cious pic­tures, and thought I’d share! Please look at my album to see all three.

A few dis­cov­er­ies upon acquir­ing my first tulips: Did you know that their petals open wide in the day­time, but close up at night? Did you know that they have a smell (very soft and sweet), but that you have to plant your nose deep inside to detect it? Isn’t it amaz­ing how some­thing so small can bring you such inex­plic­a­ble joy? (I get a lit­tle jolt of plea­sure each time I walk by them…I like to pre­tend that they’re gig­gling at the sun.)

p.s. After post­ing this entry, I walk by a mir­ror and notice that my nose is smudged with choco­late-col­ored tulip pollen.

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  1. they are won­der­ful, you pre­cious girl! (i wish that your fidlet blog could show up on my live­jour­nal friends page.)


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