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I recent­ly had a con­ver­sa­tion with a friend about toi­let seats: name­ly, whether men were required, eti­quette-wise, to put the toi­let seat down after tin­kling. I vague­ly recalled a good argu­ment in favor of that view, and scoured the inter­net in search of that (or some sim­i­lar) argu­ment. I found one such argu­ment (giv­en by “Mr. Man­ners”, who­ev­er that is) who cit­ed three rea­sons in favor of hen-peck­ing wives everywhere:

  1. Nat­ur­al State: Since men have to leave the toi­let seat down for one (out of two) of their toi­let “duties” (no pun intend­ed), and women have to leave the seat down for both of theirs, the nat­ur­al state of the toi­let seat is in the down state. 
  2. Reper­cus­sions: If a man tin­kles on a toi­let seat in the “down” posi­tion, at most he will have to clean up a tin­kly seat. If a women, alter­na­tive­ly, unknow­ing­ly sits down on toi­let whose seat is up.…well…need I go on? The con­se­quences in the lat­ter case are a lot more unpleasant. 
  3. Aes­thet­ics: The last rea­son mere­ly appeals to the fact that a toi­let with the seat down is a far nicer site to behold than a toi­let with the seat up (and I can sure­ly attest to the “eew” fac­tor of look­ing at the bot­tom of a tin­kle-spat­tered toi­let seat…nobody needs to look at that). 

re you go. I wel­come any com­ments or counter-argu­ments. Or, alter­na­tive­ly, you could voice your opin­ion in a poll:


8 thoughts on “toilet seat etiquette”

  1. Of course, if women read that man­u­al you post­ed ear­li­er and peed stand­ing up … *grins and ducks*

  2. Oh, *I* know I am … It’s con­vinc­ing every­one *else* of that which is hard *grin*

  3. Per­son­al­ly, I could care less where the toi­let seat is and don’t think any­one else should both­er much about it either. How­ev­er, using the bath­room BEFORE look­ing seems down­right care­less to me. Also, here’s some­thing to take into account — all activ­i­ties requir­ing the toi­let seat to be down also require the use of toi­let paper. There­fore, it’s actu­al­ly bet­ter for a per­son to have some uncer­tain­ty about the sta­tus of the toi­let seat here, since the per­son will also (hope­ful­ly) be more atten­tive to the sta­tus of the toi­let paper roll. Of course, it’d be nice if every­body put a new roll on after using up the old one, but not every­one is so considerate…

    Oh, and I final­ly got around to blog­ging about the “Angel” finale. 🙂 That’s here. Ja!

  4. I have no prob­lem putting the seat and lid back down.…but I feel the need to com­ment on those big fluffy rug type things that women put on the toi­let lid. These are evil lit­tle toi­let pro­tec­tion devices that only a women would put in place, because it effec­tiv­ly pre­vents the act of pee­ing while stand­ing, unless you train your­self to pee in a con­tourt­ed, bent over posi­tion, hold­ing the lid, and aim­ing to please at the same time.

  5. I cocur with your opin­ion on the fluffy toi­let seat cov­ers — they are tacky and obnox­ious (although I had nev­er thought about the prob­lem they would cause tin­kling men…how annoying).

  6. Hum… it actu­al­ly depends on many para­me­ters, you know 😉
    Yes, you konw… men para­me­ters and women para­me­ters *Laugh­t­ing, so what?* 😉

    But the real prob­lem are dogs and cats!!!

    Where I live, we usu­al­ly use Turk­ish basins (i don’t know how to trans­late this from french, sorry)

  7. Most peo­ple have a com­mode at home, not a urinal.
    I believe the com­mode is for sit­ting and a uri­nal is for stand­ing: end of the seat up or down debate with a lot less mess on the com­mode rim and the car­pet or tile!

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