Tina’s Tiny List of (mostly free) Tiny OS X Apps

This small selec­tion of apps infi­nite­ly enhances my OS X expe­ri­ence. And, except for Desk­Shade, all of them are free!

Smultron Smul­tron: A love­ly sim­ple open-source text editor
Desktop Manager Desk­top Man­ag­er: For lin­ux-lovers, vir­tu­al desk­tops for OS X
Namely Name­ly: A super keen app that allows you to launch appli­ca­tions by just typ­ing the app name
Namely ToyView­er: A small but handy pic­ture view­er and editor
Sidenote Side­note: Tiny note tak­er that sits in a slid­ing draw­er on the side of your screen
Word Browser Plugin Word Brows­er Plu­g­in: View Word files as text right in your browser
PDF Browser Plugin PDF Brows­er Plu­g­in: View PDF files right in your browser
DeskShade Desk­Shade: A sweet lit­tle desk­top pic­ture man­ag­er. Why I like it: Cov­ers the icons on your desk­top (for those that like a clean desk­top — like me) and lets you change the col­or of your favorite back­grounds. Nice, but unfor­tu­nate­ly, not free!

I will update this list as I find more tiny indis­pens­able apps. Enjoy!

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