tiddly diddly

I do love wikis: both in con­cept and as a tool to keep and orga­nize all of my notes (school and oth­er­wise). My use of wikis in this way makes me par­tic­u­lar­ly attract­ed to “per­son­al” wikis. These are often more self-con­tained and eas­i­er to install (i.e., no exter­nal web­serv­er need­ed) since they are not designed for pub­lic websites.

I recent­ly dis­cov­ered Tid­dly­Wi­ki, a nice­ly designed “reusable non-lin­ear per­son­al web note­book”. It uses javascript to cre­ate a self-con­tained file, and so it as easy to install as sav­ing an html file. Nice!

I liked the over­all design of the page, save for the ani­ma­tions (which were a lit­tle slow; for­tu­nate­ly you can turn those off) and the col­ors. Browns and oranges are not my thing, so I changed the css to some dark grays and blues, a screen­shot of which is below (click on it to look at the page). If you like my col­ors, you can install this ver­sion by right-click­ing on this link, select­ing “Save link as…” or “Save tar­get as…” and nam­ing the file what you wish (keep­ing the .html extension).

For fur­ther info on how to use the soft­ware, I would sug­gest check­ing out the Tid­dly­Wi­ki site.

Wiki Screenshot

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