Hap­py post-Valen­tine’s Day! I hope your day was less lone­ly than mine. As if Valen­tine’s day was­n’t depress­ing enough, I recent­ly came two sto­ries (one in Veg­e­tar­i­an Times, one on NPR) about the child labor and child slav­ery involved in choco­late mak­ing. Occur­ring in the Ivory Coast of West Africa, cocoa har­vest­ed under heart­break­ing con­di­tions is used in choco­late man­u­fac­tured by Her­shey’s and M&M/Mars. So, next year when you by choco­late for your sweet, you may want to con­sid­er buy­ing fair trade choco­late, ensur­ing that your delec­table treat was made under just con­di­tions. You can read (and hear) more about the issue here:

And you can buy fair trade choco­late here:

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  1. Sor­ry I missed you on valen­tines day. Would you be my late valen­tines? I fig­ured you were out par­rt­ing it up or we would have called. We miss you! HUGS!!
    Rob and Karen

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