software that lasts 200 years

Through Slash­dot, I came upon this very inter­est­ing arti­cle con­cern­ing the qual­i­ties that soft­ware will need to meet the needs of soci­ety. These include:

  • Robust­ness and long-term sta­bil­i­ty and security. 
  • Trans­paren­cy to deter­mine when changes are need­ed and that unde­sired func­tions are not being performed. 
  • Ease and low cost of maintenance. 
  • Min­i­miza­tion of maintenance. 
  • Ease and low cost of modification. 
  • Ease of replacement. 
  • Com­pat­i­bil­i­ty and ease of inte­gra­tion with oth­er applications. 
  • Long-term avail­abil­i­ty of indi­vid­u­als able to train, main­tain, mod­i­fy, deter­mine need for changes, etc.

These qual­i­ties are not demon­strat­ed by most com­mer­cial soft­ware, but the author sug­gests that they may be be met through open source.

One thought on “software that lasts 200 years”

  1. I’m think­ing that those needs are more like­ly to be met in the future through self cor­rect­ing hard­ware that cre­ates its own solu­tions algo­rith­mi­cal­ly to prob­lems pre­sent­ed. It depends on the prob­lem solv­ing mech­a­nism in place in the hard­ware. That is assum­ing that our con­cept of soft­ware will even­tu­al­ly be on the way out in favor of this.

    As an aside, I’m try­ing to get ahold of you, if you would­n’t mind ter­ri­bly drop­ping me a line when you get this, I’d great­ly appre­ci­ate it.

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