smelly factoids

Some­thing inter­est­ing I read in a mag­a­zine arti­cle in \Nat­ur­al Health\:

…108 [over­weight] study sub­jects [in a study con­duct­ed by Alan Hirsch, a neu­rol­gist and psychiatrist]…were told to eat the way they nor­mal­ly do, and were giv­en two pow­ders a month — one savory, one sweet — to sprin­kle on their food. The pow­ders were taste­less but ful­ly loaded with the aro­mas of chad­dar, cheese, onion, rasp­ber­ry, cocoa and oth­er foods.…After six months, par­tic­i­pants had lost an aver­age of 34.7 pounds each. Mean­while, a con­trol group of 100 over­weight peo­ple enrolled in the tra­di­tion­al diet pro­gram gained an ager­age of 1.1 pounds. 

Hmmm…quite inter­est­ing. And yet anoth­er rea­son to wear yum­my smelling body lotion (my favorite: Pan­han­dle Girl’s Bet­tie Spice Cream (smells like vanil­la, orange & cin­na­mon)). Some oth­er inter­est­ing factoids:

  • Women are bet­ter smellers than men. 
  • Every­one has a unique smell, except for iden­ti­cal twins. 
  • Green apple and cucum­ber scents cre­ate the impres­sion of a larg­er space, while the scent of roast­ed mean cre­ates the impres­sion of clos­er quarters. 
  • A smell recep­tor has been iden­ti­fied in human sperm. 

One thought on “smelly factoids”

  1. Well, I do have to agree … Women *def­i­nite­ly* smell bet­ter than men 🙂

    Per­son­al­ly, I’m par­tial to vanilla.

    *sighs* It’s been too long since I’ve had a good long sniff at a woman. (And that sounds a LOT worse than I meant it 😛 )

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