recovery and pictures

I am final­ly recov­er­ing from my trip to Wash­ing­ton, and end-of-the-semes­ter crazi­ness. For those of you who are inter­est­ed, here are some of my pic­tures tak­en dur­ing the March for Wom­en’s lives. The trip was quite incred­i­ble. Not all of the pic­tures are post­ed yet — for some rea­son buz­znet will only let me post 10 pic­tures a day. So, I’ll post the rest of them dur­ing the next cou­ple of days.

4 thoughts on “recovery and pictures”

  1. *ack* I can’t believe I missed that one! I went through them look­ing for a pic of you *blush­es* *goes to crawl into bed to hide shame at hav­ing missed that one*

    btw, love that hair colour!

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