random obsession

Marsh­mal­low fluff. I’m enam­oured by its strange dichoto­my: white child­ish inno­cence and naughty smooshy gooey­ness (I want to sink my fin­gers in it, or bet­ter yet, dive into a pool of it…reminiscent of play­ing in the mud as a child). It also pos­sess­es an intense sythet­ic sweet­ness, wicked­ly indul­gent not because it is espe­cial­ly good, but because it is absolute­ly devoid of any nutri­tion­al val­ue (I feel like I’m gorg­ing myself on Twinkie guts).

As of yet untapped but (I’m think­ing) mar­ketable idea: marsh­mal­low fluff wrestling.

5 thoughts on “random obsession”

  1. I think it won’t hold up and gets to sticky. Per­haps some sort of air-puffed fluff would work. I’ve seen jel­lo, pud­ding, creamed corn, and coleslaw wrestling. I think some­thing sweet like marsh­mal­low would be great if the stuff would stick to the body but not be too goopy. I sug­gest foxy box­ing in the meantime.

    And hon­ey on the nipples.

  2. Ken — I just bought some marsh­mal­low ice­cream top­ping (which prompt­ed this post). I think it would be the PERFECT con­si­ten­cy for wrestling in.

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