pleasant surprises

Putting on my jack­et for the first time this fall, I shove my hands in my pock­ets to dis­cov­er a rem­nant piece of paper stuffed in there from last win­ter. I pull the paper out, expect­ing an old Pub­lix reciept or some­thing equal­ly dull, only to dis­cov­er an old shop­ping list dur­ing one of my fre­quent but short-lived phas­es of try­ing to eat well and and health­ful­ly. This list includ­ed ingre­di­ents from the deli­cious­ly sim­ple and nat­ur­al recipes from one of my favorite cook­books: The Unplugged Kitchen, by Viana La Place. How delight­ful! I think I’ll use this for­got­ten trea­sure of a shop­ping list next time I gro­cery shop. For those of you who are curi­ous, I give you this list here.

Leb­neh with crushed mint
dried mint
flat bread
Note: To make the leb­neh (a yogurt cheese), sus­pend the yogurt over a bowl in some cheese­cloth and leave for about a day. Mix in the mint and serve driz­zled with olive oil…eat with flatbread.

Sweet Torn Salad
romain lettuce
lam­b’s let­tuce or green but­ter lettuce
mint leaves

Lam­b’s Let­tuce with Egg
red wine vinegar
dijon mustard
lam­b’s lettuce
(If I remem­ber cor­rect­ly, you serve the egg hard­boiled in the sal­ad. Sal­ad dress­ing is a mix­ture of the mus­tard and vinegar.) 

Gar­lic Sandwichies
herb leaves
(You slice raw gar­lic very thin and serve on the baguette with herbs (and maybe a bit of olive oil). While intrigued by this recipe, I don’t think I ever built up the nerve to try it.)

Pani­no di Papa (a sand­wich with ricot­ta and walnuts)
whole grain bread

Toma­to & Oregano Panino
rus­tic bread
red wine vinegar

Peach Sand­which
(No ingre­di­ents list­ed here, because it was so sim­ple I could eas­i­ly remem­ber it: Ripe peach­es sliced and placed on whole grain bread and sprin­kled with sug­ar. Yum.)

Grilled Bread with Goat Cheese and Honey
(I also add toast­ed nuts with this one. Insane­ly good.)

Lentils and Greens
lentils (1÷2 c.)
1 ripe tomato
1 bunch chopped spinach
coarse bread
(I don’t quite remem­ber the recipe for this one. Pre­sum­ably, you cook the lentils first. Throw it into a sal­ad with lemon and top and serve with bread…?)

Penne Baked with Sliced Tomatos
1 lb. tomatos
basil leaves
(I don’t real­ly remem­ber the recipe for this one either — but looks pret­ty intuitive.)

I don’t think that I planned on mak­ing all of the things on this list — I think I just wrote all of it down and thought I’d decide at the store which ones I want­ed to make (hence the rep­e­ti­tion of some items). Anyway…yum! I miss this food…will make again quite soon.

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