perhaps someday we really \won’t\ need men…the mouse virgin birth

Sci­en­tists have been able to gen­er­ate father­less birth in mice through a process called partheno­gen­e­sis — in which the fetus is cre­at­ed with two unfer­til­ized eggs. Though the process is still too dan­ger­ous to use on humans, this is still a sci­en­tif­ic break­through — until now sci­en­tists throught that partheno­gen­e­sis was impos­si­ble in mam­mals. And per­haps some­day this tech­nique can be used to treat infer­til­i­ty. All I can say is…chicks RULE!! 😉 Check out the source article.

4 thoughts on “perhaps someday we really \won’t\ need men…the mouse virgin birth”

  1. *sighs* There goes our “safe­ty” net as being nec­es­sary for sperm donation 😛

    Oh well … Maybe you women will keep us around for enter­tain­ment val­ue *grin*

  2. hey tina, have you noticed that HAC’s site seems to be down since since the whole is HAC a man con­tro­ver­sy got it’s own thread? She was talk­ing about a redesign, maybe that’s it.

  3. For a few min­utes ear­li­er this after­noon I had trou­ble pulling her site up…but it seems to be work­ing fine now!

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