pardon my dust…

Once again, I’ve decid­ed to alter my blog quite a bit. I end­ed up lik­ing the wall­pa­per I designed very much so…so I decid­ed to redesign the look of my site to imi­tate it. I think it’s very sexy…

I also switched my blog­ging soft­ware to Word­Press. I was using Grey­mat­ter — which I liked very much — but I took a look at Word­Press and dis­cov­ered it had a lot more bells and whis­tles (what sold me was the cat­e­go­riza­tion and the blogroll fea­tures). Plus, if I recall, the guy who wrote grey­mat­ter ceased devlop­ing it…so, there you go.

At any rate…forgive the look of this web­site as I am in the midst of tran­si­tion­ing between styles and weblog­ging soft­ware. Some of the mis­cel­la­neous pages on this site are in dire dire need of polishing.

3 thoughts on “pardon my dust…”

  1. Oh, i def­i­nite­ly like this new black look 😀 Although it is doing weird things in IE!

  2. the com­ment box is down at the bot­tom of the page, and takes up the whole bot­tom part of the screen. The right hand bor­der extends about 5 or 6 char­ac­ters past the view­able area on the right.

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