on worth

I came across a poten­tial­ly addic­tive site: oneword, where­by you are pre­sent­ed with a word (a new one each day) that you have 60 sec­onds to write about. This was my stream-of-con­scious­ness bab­ble (indi­cat­ing an embar­rass­ing nar­cis­sism and inse­cu­ri­ty): “imme­di­ate­ly the focus is on myself — self worth and to what extent I have it…worthlessness comes to mihd [sic], although I would­n’t say off­hand that I am worthless…perhaps a strug­gle-”. I could have writ­ten more if I did­n’t con­stant­ly stop to cor­rect my typ­ing mis­takes (I’m such a froot).

Per­haps I’ll pub­lish more of these if they prove more inter­est­ing and less embar­rass­ing. I’d be curi­ous to see oth­ers’ posts on this site. If you have an inter­est­ing one feel free to com­ment me with it.

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