on subtlety

On my way to work this morn­ing, I was half-lis­ten­ing to NPR and picked up on the fol­low­ing snip­pet of com­men­tary: “The 911 attack was shock­ing, but it should not have been sur­pris­ing”. Hmmm…so, “shock­ing” but not “sur­pris­ing”. Inter­est­ing distinction.

One thought on “on subtlety”

  1. The secret to humor is sur­prise.” ‑Aris­to­tle

    It is inter­est­ing how much humor and ter­ror­ism have in com­mon. I’ve often won­dered whether, in the rush to make an impor­tant point, peo­ple speak with­out think­ing, or if the result of many hours of delib­er­a­tion and thought on a sub­ject pro­duces what they say.

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