nice kink

Some sexy stuff right here. No nudity…just gen­uine plea­sure (I like to think of it as “anti-porn”). If it did­n’t cost so much mon­ey, I might even subscribe.

2 thoughts on “nice kink”

  1. Holy crap, what was that? That was creepy… I kept think­ing it was going to turn out to be a joke and she was going to fart or some­thing at the end, but no! What’s the appeal of watch­ing peo­ple breathe heav­i­ly as if in intense pain, Tina? Inquir­ing minds want to know! I mean, I could see if you were caus­ing the pain… or could see who was caus­ing the pain, and how it was being inflict­ed, etc… but this just weird­ed me out. Creepy!

  2. Wes: um…you know what she was doing, right?!

    p.s. Sor­ry I have to put com­ments on mod­er­a­tion. I get about 100 spam com­ments that I have to wade through dai­ly. It’s absolute­ly awful — do you get these things?

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