MyTunesRSS is a nice lit­tle app that lets you pub­lish your iTunes library on a web server.

You can access this serv­er with any web brows­er, search your iTunes music library and cre­ate an indi­vid­ual play list. The play list is pub­lished as an RSS feed with the feed items con­tain­ing links to the music files. These files are served through the serv­er as well.

You can sub­scribe to these RSS feeds as pod­casts. Nice. I’ve only played with it a lit­tle, so I’m not quite sure how these RSS feeds are updat­ed (if they are updat­ed at all). The only minor annoy­ance is that while the iTunes library is search­able, it’s not brows­able (so you have to know pre­cise­ly what you’re look­ing for). You can see mine here.

2 thoughts on “MyTunesRSS”

  1. This is so coin­ci­den­tal, it’s eery. I just got done set­ting MyTunesRSS up, and went to look at my sub­scrip­tions and you had just post­ed this 🙂

    BTW… love the new site.

  2. It’s pret­ty awe­some, huh? Maybe you can let me know how you’re using it, once you’re all set up.

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