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I recieve reg­u­lar online newslet­ter from jlist — a site that sells Japan­ese items (ani­me relat­ed stuff, Japan­ese can­dy, and so on). I enjoy this newslet­ter very much because the guy who writes it always includes fas­ci­nat­ing stuff about Japan­ese cul­ture. This morn­ing’s let­ter includ­ed men­tion of “Ai-Ai
Gasa” (“love love umbrel­la”): this lit­tle doo­dle often oft ren­dered by Japan­ese school­child­ren depict­ing a man and a woman walk­ing under an umbrel­la. Appar­ent­ly ani­me uses Ai-Ai Gasa to imply a real­tion­ship between a weak man and a dom­i­neer­ing woman. I thought this was cute and eclec­tic enough to share here (almost as cute as the fact that they eat “Froots Loops” cere­al). At any rate, if you get this as a ques­tion on Jeop­ardy, you’ll thank me!

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  1. Cool 🙂 Japan has such a faci­na­tion cul­ture. I real­ly want to study it some more. Try­ing to find decent ani­me at a rea­son­able price though … *sigh*

  2. This is also a good rea­son why, if you’re learn­ing Japan­ese, make sure you get a good teacher! I was recent­ly read­ing a sto­ry about a guy who got lessons from some friends of his, teenage school­girls, and now he’s the laugh­ing stock of his office (in Japan), because he speaks in school­girl slang. 

    This is a lot fun­nier if you consider/remember that the Japan­ese cul­ture if very strat­i­fied and very strict about it’s lan­guage usage in such mat­ters *grin*

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