little fun bit

I was perus­ing the inter­net, and stum­bled upon a new Google tool: Google Sets. You enter in a few items from a set, and Google will gen­er­ate a larg­er set. So, for exam­ple, you enter “red,” “blue” and “pur­ple” — and it will gen­er­ate a larg­er list of col­ors. To test the intel­li­gence of this thing, I entered “Kant,” “Mill,” and “Ben­tham,” and I got a set with “Hobbes,” “Descartes,” “Rawls,” “Pla­to,” “Hume,” and oth­ers. Neat! I don’t know yet what the use of such a tool is, but I’m sure the pos­si­bil­i­ties are endless!

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