liberals and a love of America

I came across a blog that quot­ed from an inter­view with Al Franken. I thought it was quite poignant, so decid­ed to repeat it here:

Q. 9. Why do lib­er­als like you, Al Franken, hate America?

A. Lib­er­als like me love Amer­i­ca. We just love Amer­i­ca in a dif­fer­ent way. You love Amer­i­ca like a 4‑year-old loves his mom­my. Lib­er­als love Amer­i­ca like grown-ups. To a 4‑year-old, every­thing Mom­my does is won­der­ful and any­one who crit­i­cizes Mom­my is bad. Grown-up love means actu­al­ly under­stand­ing what you love, tak­ing the good with the bad and help­ing your loved one grow. Love takes atten­tion and work and is the best thing in the world. That’s why we lib­er­als want Amer­i­ca to do the right thing. We know Amer­i­ca is the hope of the world, and we love it and want it to do well. We also want it to do good.

4 thoughts on “liberals and a love of America”

  1. Inter­est­ing com­ment. I had not con­sid­ered it that way. I am gen­er­al­ly a con­ser­v­a­tive (NOT the same as a Repub­li­can). This answer seems a lit­tle sim­plis­tic for me though. It seems to imply that “Change is always good”. I def­i­nite­ly sup­port change in some cas­es. I just don’t think it’s *always* the answer.

  2. I did­n’t think it real­ly implied that change is always good (although I do think that most lib­er­als think that change is need­ed). And I agree that change isn’t always the answer. But I liked this post as a kind of response to sim­ple-mind­ed “Love it or leave it” kind of atti­tude that at least some Amer­i­cans have — that assume that you hate Amer­i­ca if you don’t love every­thing it does.

  3. *nods* agreed. I know I’ve used the “love it or leave it” response myself, but I have aimed it at both con­ser­v­a­tives AND liberals. 

    I hon­est­ly think peo­ple make the sit­u­a­tion out to be worse than it is, in order to pro­mote their own side of things. That being said though, I do think there are some def­i­nite things that *need* to change, but I don’t think they’re lim­it­ed to just one or two people. 

    Per­son­al­ly, I think the sin­gle biggest prob­lem we have in the US are the peo­ple. They’re apa­thet­ic and for the most part, blis­ful­ly stu­pid about any­thing that does­n’t affect them neg­a­tive­ly in a direct way. That is a gross over-gen­er­l­iza­tion, but with the lim­it­ed excep­tion of peo­ple like your­self, they’re just not inter­est­ed in get­ting involved with any­thing that’s real­ly impor­tant. They mouth off and bitch and whine, but nev­er DO any­thing more than that.

    hrm … I think i’ll stop ram­bling now …

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