Harmour Love

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Artist: Syree­ta

Dura­tion: 3:38

Cre­at­ed: Wed, 10 May 2006

Cat­e­go­ry: Music

I just rent­ed Juneb­ug. I saw it in the the­ater, but have since for­got­ten what a charm­ing delight of a film it is. I decid­ed to hunt down the song that plays in the begin­ning and end cred­its, and dis­cov­ered that it is a song writ­ten by Ste­vie Won­der and per­formed by Syree­ta called “Har­mour Love”. It makes me hap­py, and I decid­ed to post it for your lis­ten­ing plea­sure. If you like it, you can order Syree­ta’s cd here.

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17 thoughts on “junebuggin’”

  1. Yes! Thanks for post­ing this great song. I just rent­ed the movie, too. It sur­pris­es me that there is not a way to buy this song as an iTunes down­load or some­thing (except as part of a big bun­dle off songs)!

  2. thanks so much 🙂

    this song is deli­i­ight­ful! it was the best part of the film (besides amy adams) 🙂

    odd­ly enough, i did­n’t know it was an old song — it sound­ed so quirky and cute, per­fect for a char­ac­ter indy film like junebug

    and dork that i am it sound­ed so folksy i thought it was some white girl who sang like a black girl — nev­er heard of syree­ta, what a gor­geous voice

    man, ste­vie won­der is so talented 🙂

    any­way, this song was pure sun­shine and stayed with me long after the film — i was singing it all day!

    thanks again 🙂

  3. Thanks as well for the song Tina,
    I have spent an after­noon look­ing for the non exis­tent sound­track and think­ing the song was by Yo La Ten­go as I was too lazy to go back and look at the DVD cred­its on the movie.
    Great song with unusu­al pedi­gree you would­n’t expect.


  4. Har­mour is a town some­where in Bar­ba­dos (i think). It’s a great song and a great vocal. R.I.P. Miss Syreeta

    groovy blog btw 🙂

  5. i love you so much for post­ing this.
    juneb­ug was such a thought­ful film and
    this song just lifts your moods greatly.
    once again, thanks so much!!

  6. My wife and I watched the movie last night, and the song has been with us all day. Thanks so much for post­ing the mp3 … what a won­der­ful song.

  7. Thanks for the post­ing– I wish it was avail­able on itunes! Juneb­ug should have received greater acclaim. What a strange­ly sad yet uplift­ing lit­tle film.

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