jodie manross

I found out that Jodie Man­ross released a new cd the oth­er day and imme­di­ate­ly ordered it. (I own her oth­er two albums which I absolute­ly adore). She’s an inde­pen­dent artist our of Ten­nessee who’s music is described on her web­site as “[a]coustic Amer­i­cana and blues-influ­enced folk rock”. The voice of an angel, I swear to god…not to men­tion the fact that she sends me per­son­al thank-you emails when I buy her cd’s is painful­ly charm­ing. If you haven’t heard her music, there are mp3 sam­ples on her wesite here.


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  1. Wow, she sends you per­son­al thank-you e‑mails? That is charm­ing! I’ll have to check out these sam­ples now. 🙂

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