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I dis­cov­ered today that many Iraqis (that are not being tor­tured) are cel­e­brat­ing their new­ly found free­dom of speech through blogging…which I find absolute­ly won­der­ful. Here are a cou­ple: Iraq the Mod­el & A Fam­i­ly in Bagh­dad. The lat­ter is in Ara­bic (?).…strange, I expe­ri­enced a brief jolt of sur­prise when I saw the blog was not in Eng­lish, and then a moment of “of course, why would it be in Eng­lish?”. Why would I have the expec­ta­tion that Iraqis would pub­lish their blogs in Eng­lish? How strange­ly arro­gant of me…

2 thoughts on “Iraqi blogs”

  1. I don’t know if I’d call it arro­gant … I’m try­ing to think of a bet­ter work than igno­rant (which is NOT the same as dumb 🙂 ), but I can’t.

    It’s one of those cas­es when you’d just nev­er been exposed to it before. I don’t think there’s any­thing arro­gant about that at all. Now, had you *expect­ed* them to write in Eng­lish, because that’s what “most of the world reads” … well, that’s a whole dif­fer­ent ket­tle of fish (and I know you did­n’t think that 🙂 )

  2. Hmmmmm…no…I did­n’t have that explic­it thought. Yet, the fact that it sur­prised me, seems to indi­cate an (uncon­scious?) assump­tion on my part. And per­haps “arro­gant” was­n’t the right word…but I can’t think of a bet­ter one!

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