how gay

ghey adj. dis­agree­able. This Inter­net slang term devel­oped in the 2000s as a vari­ant of the pejo­ra­tive usage of “gay”. It retains the deri­sive sense while leav­ing out any overt link to the homo­sex­u­al mean­ings of “gay”.


3 thoughts on “how gay”

  1. And as such is kind of the ulti­mate in homo­pho­bia. Homo­phobes being so afraid of being thought of as any­thing oth­er than straight that they can’t even write the word 🙂

    I’m not gay, but jesus h. christ I hate that stu­pid term… in both fla­vors of spelling. It’s just like the term “girly.” Any­one who uses it seri­ous­ly needs to take a deep­er look at them­selves and ask why either of those things can be use pejoratively.

  2. I don’t think this term was invent­ed by homo­phobes afraid of writ­ing the word, but rather by homo­sex­u­als (and sym­pa­thiz­ers) that don’t want a pejo­ra­tive term being asso­ci­at­ed with homosexuality.

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