hamburger bun french toast

This evening, I had a han­ker­ing for french toast, but had no reg­u­lar sand­wich bread with which to make any…the only kind of bread I had were ham­burg­er buns (sans sesame seeds). I decid­ed to dare the ham­burg­er bun french toast…and need I say it was sur­pris­ing­ly good? The buns are so light and thick — the per­fect size and con­sis­ten­cy for deli­cious french toast…I high­ly rec­om­mend this to french toast lovers (although I would sug­gest the small, cheap buns for this endeavor…I sus­pect if they are too big, the top too “round­ed” that it may not cook evenly).

9 thoughts on “hamburger bun french toast”

  1. Well, that’s an unfor­tu­nate lit­tle sto­ry. But, regard­ing eat­ing in the morn­ing: I often enjoy my french toast for sup­per. I have a thing for break­fast foods. 😉

  2. Nice! An old crush’s moth­er made those once when I was over at her house…and I’ve got­ta say, they were pret­ty good. Of course, I don’t gen­er­al­ly eat much in the morn­ings, so I end­ed up feel­ing kin­da ill afterwards…but I did get a mas­sage out of the deal, so that was good… Then lat­er on she (the daugh­ter, not the moth­er) accused me of stalk­ing her across mul­ti­ple state lines and nev­er spoke to me again. Whee!

  3. Nev­er tried it with ham­burg­er buns, but always have pre­ferred to use home­made bread for french toast, thick slices, with a touch of cinnamon.
    I have the same prob­lem, can’t eat in the morn­ing. Makes a great din­ner, and if you are an atkins per­son, you can make your low carb bread.
    That stalk­ing thing was a lit­tle unnerving.

  4. Hmmm…quite intrigu­ing. Although I fear I would have the same type of rela­tion­ship with this sand­which that I do with the Monte Cristo — sounds absolute­ly deli­cious when I’m pos­i­tive­ly fam­ished, but on the verge grease-induced retch­ing after about three bites.

  5. Chal­lah bread. It’s a Jew­ish bread. I believe the dough has eggs in it or some­thing, but it’s tasty. 

    Google it to find out more, but if it’s avail­able by you it makes for a tasty french toast.

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