I sat­is­fy some inex­plic­a­ble curios­i­ty by peek­ing in a per­son­’s light­ed win­dow at night (and no, I don’t stalk…we’re talk­ing about a quick glance while dri­ving by a house)…somethig fas­ci­nat­ing about steal­ing a half-sec­ond peek into a life not remote­ly con­nect­ed to your own. Equal­ly delight­ful is look­ing at oth­er peo­ple’s gro­cery lists, and there are lists a‑plenty at, the largest online col­lec­tion of found gro­cery lists. There’s some­thing so per­son­al about the food that peo­ple buy (and the way they express their pur­chas­ing plans via the gro­cery list)…not to men­tion some of them are down­right funny.

There are a few oth­er web­sites that fea­ture “found” per­son­al objects of strangers (let­ters and such)…perhaps I should make a list of them sometime.

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  1. As you know, when I go shop­ping I use an invis­i­ble divin­ing rod and end up buy­ing what­ev­er items have the strongest fetishis­tic abil­i­ties at that moment. That’s why some­days I have blue­ber­ry fla­vored pome­gran­ate juice in my cart and oth­er days I’m explor­ing the virtues of a host of Orange oil clean­ing prod­ucts (match­ing win­dow clean­er with fur­ni­ture pol­ish with dish­wash­ing liq­uid). As to the furtive glances into oth­er peo­ple’s lives, I share this fas­ci­na­tion. Quite often it bog­gles my mind that this per­son exists whol­ly sep­a­rate from my knowl­edge, much less my con­trol. I real­ize that this is the over­whelm­ing­ly the case giv­en that I know only a few dozen peo­ple in any mean­ing­ful way and there are six bil­lion peo­ple. I sup­pose being simul­ta­ne­ous­ly con­front­ed with the com­mu­ni­ty and iso­la­tion of my exis­tence rel­a­tive to soci­ety makes my brain do the jit­ter­bug. Now, to re-read that paper on Empa­thy… Love ya, B

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