I installed Ubun­tu on my iBook (which went sur­pris­ing­ly smooth­ly), and spent a good por­tion of yes­ter­day tweak­ing my Gnome desk­top (I’m such a dork). For those inter­est­ed, I got:

  1. 1. the wall­pa­per from Pix­el­girl (from this page),
  2. 2. the icons here,
  3. 3. and the gtk and metac­i­ty theme here and here.


Ubuntu Screenshot

Note: I did alter the desk­top pic­ture a tad. I flipped the image so that the girl is on the right (so my icons, which are on the left, sit on white­space don’t obstruct her face), and I deep­ened her eye-col­or a bit so that the blue of her eyes more close­ly match­es the high­light col­or of the gtk theme (which you can see in the desk­top pager on the bot­tom right). If you’re at all inter­est­ed in the altered ver­sion of the pic­ture, you can get it here.

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