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Via a post on Geek Notes, I dis­cov­ered a pret­ty cool trick in Fire­fox: You can assign key­words that cor­re­spond to oft-used book­marks. So, instead of hav­ing to mean­der through my book­marks, or type out, say, “” when I want to go to my Freecy­cle group, I can just type in my key­word at the address bar (e.g., “fc”).

To assign a key­word to a book­mark, open up your book­mark prop­er­ties (right-click the spe­cif­ic book­mark under your “Book­marks” menu, and select “Prop­er­ties”). This will pull up a Prop­er­ties dia­logue box, one option of which is a key­word. Assign a easy-to-type and easy-to-remem­ber key­word, and…there you go. Just type CTRL‑L to select the address bar, type in your key­word, and Fire­fox will take you to the book­marked address. Neat!

What’s even nifti­er is that you can also set up key­words that cor­re­spond to a site’s search­box. So, you can just type in the key­word at the address bar and a search term to search that site. Say I want­ed to set up such a key­word for the FSU Library cat­a­log search. I would go to the library’s page, right-click on the search­box, and select “Add a Key­word for this Search”. This will pull up a dia­logue box where I can assign the book­mark name and key­word. So, say I give it the name “FSU Library” and assign it the key­word “fsulib”. Next time I want to search the FSU Library, I would just type in “fsulib ” at the address bar. Wicked slick!

Here is anoth­er how-to on Fire­fox book­mark key­words, and here is a Mozilla/Firefox Cus­tom Key­words Direc­to­ry: an exten­sive list of links to to all kinds of inter­net searches. 

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