fidlet wallpaper

Intense bore­dom prompt­ed me to make a slick fidlet wall­pa­per pic­ture for win­dow­mak­er (although, it can be slapped behind ANY win­dow man­ag­er). Click on the thumb­nail below to see the full screen­shot. Note that, besides the scan­lines and fidlet logo, the pic­ture is trans­par­ent, so that the back­ground col­or that you have set will show through (mine hap­pens to be black).

I think it looks very chic indeed…I despise busy back­grounds so, for me, this is appro­pri­ate­ly sim­ple and ele­gant. If you’d like the fildet wall­pa­per you’re wel­come to down­load it here. And since I’m not so pre­ten­tious as to think that any­one would real­ly care to have my logo plas­tered on their desk­top, you can also get just the scan­lines (just be sure to set your wall­pa­per set­tings to “tile”). (Note: To down­load these, right-click on the link and then “Save link to disk”. If you just click on the link, your brows­er will just open the pic­ture, which itself will be almost impos­si­ble to see since it is transparent!)

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