I dis­cov­ered a wicked slick inde­pen­dent and under­ground music site: Epi­ton­ic. (Sort of a lie: I had seen this site before, but had since for­got­ten about and have redis­cov­ered it.) Record com­pa­nies allow Epi­ton­ic to make avail­able one or two tracks from a CD as mp3’s (in hopes that it will encour­age lis­ten­ers to buy the album). Among oth­er options, you can down­load the mp3s, make up your own playlist and lis­ten to them as an mp3 stream, or lis­ten to their radio sta­tion that is cus­tomiz­able by genre.

A great way to explore inde­pen­dent music (I am build­ing up quite a mix of music, and have placed a few CD’s on my wish list). Check out my playlist. Sweet.

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  1. Give “The Ghost Of Lime­house Cut” by Cathal Cough­lan a try! It’s a favorite.

    P.S. Glad to see you’re still alive and kick­ing, Tina. 🙂

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