empathy & law

I haven’t post­ed any­thing of philo­soph­i­cal inter­est for a while. Since I am pre­sent­ing a paper today on empa­thy and law (which, by the way, I am VERY ner­vous about), I decid­ed to post the paper up here (for what it’s worth). Kind of cheat­ing (since it isn’t an offi­cial “post”), but…fresh phi­los­o­phy nonetheless.

Here it is…hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think.

One thought on “empathy & law”

  1. I found it very inter­est­ing and thought pro­vok­ing. That is defi­nat­ley some­thing else I miss, your per­spec­tive. You alway have some of the most inter­st­ing ideas and topics.

    miss ya bunches!

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