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This cat recent­ly adopt­ed me — she just popped in my open win­dow one day, and has believed she lives here ever since. I have named her “Doo­dle”. She’s very sweet to me, but my two oth­er cats are absolute­ly ter­ri­fied of her, and there has been more than one loud, cat-yow­ly brawl in my apart­ment upon her entrance.

She hangs out­side my door much of the day, wait­ing for me to come out­side and give her a lit­tle sug­ar. This affec­tion-hunger is so heart-wrench­ing that I don’t have the heart to just kick her out when she makes her way in through the win­dow. What am I to do, when she gives me that lit­tle face? What would you do?

3 thoughts on “doodle”

  1. Poor Doo­dle. I would­n’t be able to help it. I’d have to adopt the poor thing and give it all the lov­ing atten­tion I could. You won’t be dis­cussing Bertrand Rus­sell with Doo­dle, but it’s hard not to see reflect­ed in a cat’s affec­tion-starved eyes your own fears of ulti­mate alone­ness and being left naked in nature’s indif­fer­ent hands.

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