comedy and cultural commentary

I watched Mar­garet Cho’s Rev­o­lu­tion last night with my friend Rachel, which left me rolling. Her com­e­dy is cut­ting and dar­ing, but her blog is sur­pris­ing­ly remark­able. Not that I think that come­di­ans are not like­ly to write well (quite the oppo­site), but Cho’s blog is sur­pris­ing­ly wise, insight­ful, and exquis­ite­ly-writ­ten. High­ly recommended.

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  1. Hel­lo!

    You don’t know me yet, and I apol­o­gize for my dig­i­tal intru­sion, but your web­site gives you the impres­sion of being a very friend­ly per­son, and I was won­der­ing if you might be able to give a young man some much-need­ed advice.

    I’m cur­rent­ly a fresh­man at TCC, and am plan­ning on pur­su­ing a B.A. in Phi­los­o­phy at FSU, with a pos­si­ble fol­low-on in philo­soph­i­cal grad­u­ate stud­ies. As you are a grad­u­ate stu­dent at FSU’s phi­los­o­phy depart­ment, I was curi­ous if you might be able to give me a “stu­den­t’s persepc­tive” on the matter.

    Some obvi­ous ques­tions would be: Is FSU a good place to pur­sue a PhD in Phi­lo? Why did you choose FSU? Does it real­ly take 5–6 years worth of grad­u­ate study to get a PhD, or can it take less time?

    My cur­rent philo­soph­i­cal inter­ests lie in the area of polit­i­cal the­o­ry, phi­los­o­phy of law, and utopi­an phi­los­o­phy. Although this is WAY far ahead for me, I have it in mind to write either my M.A. the­sis or doc­tor­al dis­ser­ta­tion (or both) on devel­op­ing my own com­plete utopi­an philo­soph­i­cal sys­tem (I want to use the for­mat of “The Repub­lic” by Pla­to, only with my own views). Does FSU have any par­tic­u­lar strengths, as far as phi­lo con­cen­tra­tions go?

    Any and all advice you would have for me would be much appre­ci­at­ed. I love your site, by the way!

    -Brent Miller
    Future PhD! 😉

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