coddly & buttery goodness

I have since become enchant­ed with two culi­nary devices: french but­ter dish­es and egg cod­dlers. A french but­ter dish, which I have actu­al­ly want­ed for quite a while now, is a piece of pot­tery that holds but­ter and keeps it fresh out­side of the refrig­er­a­tor (thus keep­ing it soft and spread­able). It is still mys­te­ri­ous to me how exact­ly it works, but some­how, cre­at­ing a seal with water, it keeps air out and thus pre­vents spoilage.

The lat­ter arti­fact — the egg cod­dler — I dis­cov­ered in an antique shop­ping expe­di­tion last week­end. Whilst perus­ing an antique shop that also sold many British foods and goods, I saw a pair of these adorable won­ders. Appar­ent­ly, you break an egg into the cups, close it, and drop it into boil­ing water, thus cook­ing (“cod­dling”) your eggs. You then eat the egg with condi­ments (like cream?). It sound­ed quite intrigu­ing (although, I’m sure at least half of my enchant­ment has to do with the name — “cod­dling” my eggs just sounds absolute­ly pre­cious). Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the pair of egg cod­dlers I saw in the shop cost over $90 (which I found obscene), but I have since found more plain ones online for much less.

3 thoughts on “coddly & buttery goodness”

  1. That is the coolest thing ever. I con­stant­ly have trou­ble with but­ter being too hard and toast.

  2. No, real­ly. Did you check out the site and see how it works? It’s total­ly sweet. The con­cept is very sim­ple, and its appli­ca­tions are lim­it­ed to an extent, but still very cool. In truth, klip­springers are the coolest thing ever, but this comes pret­ty close.

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