I came across an arti­cle on a renew­able ener­gy resource — ethanol — pro­duced from crops (par­tic­u­lar­ly corn) in a fan­tas­tic pro­gres­sive polit­i­cal site that I dis­cov­ered. A recent report by the Ener­gy Future Coali­tion has out­lined the ways in which such an ener­gy resource can be glob­al­ly ben­e­fi­cial. Use of this resource is not only bet­ter for the envi­ron­ment (its emis­sions can be absorbed by plants) but can also decrease our depen­dence on oil, and can allow oth­er (poor­er) coun­tries to be more self-suf­fi­cient, as they can grow their own fuel source. I think this is a fan­tas­tic idea, and will make sure to keep tabs on this issue.…in fact, I find it quite curi­ous that this coun­try isn’t ded­i­cat­ing more ener­gy and resources to less­en­ing our depen­dence on fos­sil fuels (instead of spend­ing bil­lions of dol­lars on…ahem…less noble causes).

3 thoughts on “biofuels”

  1. It is a fan­tas­tic idea, and this coun­try will nev­er allow it to happen.
    Polit­i­cal “spon­sors” con­trol what will and will not hap­pen in this coun­try. I swear every per­son in pub­lic office (espe­cial­ly Mr. Twig) should be forced to dress the same way Nascar dri­vers do. Like walk­ing bill­boards for all of their “spon­sors” Oil, insur­ance, Automak­ers, they are the true peo­ple in con­trol of this coun­try. We should all be dri­ving afford­able hybrid cars by now. But the big three auto mak­ers are major “spon­sors” so here we are about to pay three dol­lars a gal­lon (oil companies)for gas.
    Here is my sug­ges­tion, Big Twig had broc­coli dumped on his lawn, well when it was his lawn, all because he said he did­n’t like it. Well I say we get all the sur­plus corn crops dumped there this year. That would get some seri­ous media atten­tiom don’t you think?
    OK I’m done now.

  2. Hey, I’d just like it if the politi­cians were forced to report *every* pen­ny they got, and who it was from and pub­lish it in a pub­lic forum. Anony­mous dona­tions would not be allowed.

  3. Yes…I do real­ize that the rea­son that we have not explored alter­na­tive sources of ener­gy as much as we ought is that there are gov­ern­ment and cor­po­rate big wigs who see it unprof­itable. So per­haps it was­n’t accu­rate for me to say I found it “curi­ous” that we aren’t ded­i­cat­ing more ener­gy into such exploration…perhaps I should have said “unfor­tu­nate”.

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