About Me

TinaI’m a sev­enth year grad­u­ate stu­dent at Flori­da State Uni­ver­si­ty, attempt­ing to get my PhD in phi­los­o­phy. My dis­ser­ta­tion, for those inter­est­ed, will be about free will. Ran­dom fac­toids about me: I’m a gig­gly, clum­sy, hyper-sen­si­tive, hyper-emo­tion­al, ide­al­is­tic lover of things that are inno­cent, pure, prim­i­tive, sexy, insa­tiably curi­ous, wise and soft to the touch (and any­thing made with choco­late, hon­ey, or cinnamon)…hater of things that are cru­el, rude, arro­gant, stinky, pes­simistic, closed-mind­ed, and tight lit­tle spaces where I can’t breathe.

Some of my inter­ests include: phi­los­o­phy (of course!), vol­un­tary sim­plic­i­ty (which defines most of my polit­i­cal views), ani­mals (I have two cats), human & ani­mal rights issues (moral issues in gen­er­al), com­put­er stuff (I’m a Lin­ux new­bie), cre­ative pur­suits (hence this website).

other me stuff