boat dreams

I made a deci­sion this morn­ing to save up for both scu­ba-div­ing and sail­ing lessons.  The basic cours­es, I fig­ure would put me about $1000 in the hole (a fea­si­ble amount to save up for, I think). 

This deci­sion, along with my desire to ulti­mate­ly live a min­i­mal­is­tic life, has coa­lesced this after­noon into seri­ous con­sid­er­a­tions of liv­ing on a sail­boat.  This has been a fleet­ing roman­tic notion before, but after a con­crete com­mit­ment to learn how to sail, this seems like some­thing actu­al­ly pos­si­ble.  Invest in a mod­est but roomy sail­boat (maybe some­thing in the $20,000 range?), dump almost every­thing I own, and dock up, with occa­sion­al trips to dev­il-may-care.  I fig­ure I could even drag my cats along (so long as I buy them tiny lit­tle lifejackets).

How amaz­ing would that life be?  My heart has been — lit­er­al­ly — drum­ming all after­noon with the thought.   As utter­ly crazy as this sounds, I think this is some­thing I real­ly want.  The biggest chal­lenge to this plan, I think, would be find­ing a career/job in a city near the ocean.

Wish me luck.