thinking of becoming mostly-vegan

Pri­mar­i­ly due to this wom­an’s blog Have you ever seen such beau­ti­ful food? Apart from the moral rea­sons for adopt­ing such a lifestyle (which, though com­pelling, have thus far not over­come my ardent love of cheese), these ele­gant recipes have appealed to my aes­thet­ic sense, which has, for the bulk of my adult life, been drawn to sim­plic­i­ty. And here you have one of the sim­plest diets: healthy, uncom­pli­cat­ed, unpre­ten­tious and unprocessed food.

So, I’ll try this for a while (though I say “most­ly” veg­an because any all-or-noth­ing type of diet will set me up for dis­as­ter once I inevitably fall off the wag­on). I invest­ed in a rice-cook­er and pres­sure-cook­er, and look for­ward to being that much more healthy (as soon as I stop doing stu­pid stuff like eat­ing an obscene amount of cashews as a snack. What was I think­ing?).