first run with my iPod + Nike Sport Kit

Yes­ter­day I received my iPod+Nike Sport Kit, along with the shoes. Ecsta­t­ic, my long-await­ed pack­age prompt­ed a new­ly-inspired effort to run more con­sis­tent­ly — so I just took it out for a test run/walk. For my 32 minute run:

  • miles: 2.37
  • aver­age pace: 13′30″
  • calo­ries burned: 285

Here’s the screen­shot of my work­out (click for a big­ger ver­sion). (And see that steep dip at the end? Bas­tard hills!):

How to create a minimalistic OS X desktop

For those of you that like na-da on your desk­top (like me), here is how you can tweak OS X so that nei­ther icons, dock, or menubar gets in the way of a squeaky-clean desktop:

  • Hide the dock: You can eas­i­ly do this by adjust­ing your sys­tem set­tings. Once in sys­tem pref­er­ences, click on “Dock”, then check “Auto­mat­i­cal­ly hide and show the Dock”. There goes your dock! To find it again, just hov­er your mouse near the bot­tom of the screen (or side of the screen, if that is where your dock lives), and it will pop up again.
  • Hide your icons: I use Tin­ker­Tool for this (a nice piece of free­ware that lets you tweak all kinds of hid­den set­tings). Once you acquire and run this soft­ware, click on “Find­er” from the top menu, then check “Dis­able Desk­top Fea­tures”. Now your icons are gone. (Unfor­tu­nate­ly, your find­er key­board short­cuts are gone, too. This does­n’t both­er me so much, so I live with the trade-off.)
  • Hide your menubar: Down­load men­ufela (from nin­jakit­ten), anoth­er piece of free­ware whose sim­ple pur­pose is to hide your menubar. Install and acti­vate it.

Now your desk­top should look some­thing like this: