vote. get laid.

Voter­gasm encour­ages (horny) cit­i­zens to vote via the cliched (but effec­tive) form of ancient bribery/blackmail: the promise of (or threat of with­hold­ing) sex. On thi­er site, you can pledge to, at the very least, with­hold sex from non­vot­ers for a week; or, at the most, promise to have sex with a vot­er on elec­tion night, and with­hold sex from non­vot­ers for four years. You can even search for voter­gasm “par­ties” in your area — the per­fect forum for hook­ing up with a fel­low voter…ensuring the ful­fill­ment of your pledge.

While inter­est­ing­ly kinky, I wor­ry that the play­out of this would be less than sexy. I can imag­ine meet­ing the man of my dreams, and, entwined in a sweaty embrace, hav­ing to whis­per in his ear: “Hey, did you vote?”

pickle pocket

Came across a cute post at The Design Fort for pro­posed pack­ag­ing for indi­vid­u­al­ly wrapped pick­les. Hilar­i­ous. What makes this par­tic­u­lar­ly endear­ing is that I just find pick­les to be a fun­ny food. Turns out, there are a few foods that tick­le me, and I’ve deter­mined that tick­ly foods must pos­sess two essen­tial properties:

  1. They must have a fun­ny-sound­ing name.
  2. They must be asso­ci­at­ed with Amer­i­can culture.

Oth­er amus­ing foods: Any Host­ess cake (e.g., Twinkies, Ding Dongs)… SPAM (despite the fact that I’m a veg­e­tar­i­an, I’m quite enam­oured with SPAM…I’ve even con­sid­ered buy­ing the SPAM ear­rings). Note that both of the afore­men­tioned prop­er­ties must be present in order to make me gig­gle: a Her­shey’s Bar may be quite American…but the name is bor­ing; Cous cous is pret­ty fun­ny-sound­ing, but is not Amer­i­can kitsch.

Can any­one think of oth­er foods that meet these conditions?


blog this

I final­ly con­vinced by ex to make a blog — he’s a bril­liant writer and loves to argue with peo­ple (espe­cial­ly about pol­i­tics). Not that I have a large audi­ence, but I thought I’d plug him on my blog anyway…so, read him and com­ment on his blog…make him feel loved.

christopher reeveChristo­pher Reeve, of Super­man fame, dies at 52 in a coma after a car­diac arrest. The loss of this beau­ti­ful man makes my heart ache. Good night, Christopher.

little mozilla bit

Nice tip from

Type “about:config” in the addressline, and you will be tak­en to a page list­ing sev­er­al hun­dred options. Some of them are very use­ful. Bold lines indi­cate that their set­tings is [sic] dif­fer­ent from default. You can dis­able func­tions that web­sites use to close, move or resize win­dows, remove your tool­bars or the sys­tem­but­tons (max­i­mize, min­i­mize etc.). You can unfreeze frames and a lot more.