How won­der­ful: a bunch of peo­ple get­ting togeth­er for the express pur­pose of lying around snug­gling with one anoth­er (with­out it becom­ing sex­u­al). I LOVE snug­gling (and at the moment this activ­i­tiy is restrict­ed to my cats), and would love to have a cud­dle par­ty.

on over-indulgence

Past few nights I’ve enjoyed some hot-cocoa mix with mini-marshmallows…except I found that the marsh­mal­lows in the pack­et dis­solved almost imme­di­ate­ly. So, I’ve tak­en it upon myself to drink my cocoa with a bag on marsh­mal­lows by my side…and I replen­ish my cocoa with a hand­ful every time my marsh­mal­lows dis­solve or are slurped away, and fin­ish this all with a hand­ful of marsh­mal­lows right out of the bag when my cup is emp­ty. I think I have issues…normal peo­ple don’t drink cocoa this way, do they?

p.s. My cats, strange­ly enough, love marsh­mal­lows too.