St. Marks TrailWent bik­ing in the off-road sec­tion of the St. Mark’s Trail today. While not as long as the main trail (which is 14 miles), and not chal­leng­ing by off-road stan­dards I’m sure, this one sure pooped me out (per­haps it did­n’t help that I got lost — twice — despite the fact I have a com­pass-bell on my hadle­bars). I want­ed to take pret­ty scenic pic­tures, but the trail did­n’t turn out to be ter­ri­bly scenic (just looked like all oth­er Flori­da woods do). A cou­ple of firsts: we spot­ted a cou­ple of fox squir­rels (huge bas­tards), and a tor­toise uri­nat­ed on me.

2 thoughts on “bikin’”

  1. That sounds like a lot of fun! we have all kinds of trails up here and we real­ly need to start get­ting out more.

  2. You should! Your trails are prob­a­bly much lovli­er than mine, not to men­tion the weath­er must be a lot eas­i­er to bear as well! I was on my bike for 10 min­utes ear­li­er this after­noon, and came home drenched (although the shady woods are a bit eas­i­er to bear).

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