fidelity frankenstein

Just stum­bled upon an arti­cle dis­cussing some upcom­ing tech­no­log­i­cal inno­va­tions in sex. One of these includes “under-the-skin microchips which tell if some­one has been unfaith­ful”. Does any­one else find this incred­i­bly dis­taste­ful? Despite the curios­i­ty as to how such a device is sup­posed to work (some­how via detect­ed tem­per­a­ture changes), it spits in the face of one of the most impor­tant virtues one should cul­ti­vate in a rela­tion­ship: trust. Fur­ther­more, fideli­ty is only mean­ing­ful if one is faith­ful because one wants to, not because one has a chip inside them that makes a secret ren­de­vous impos­si­ble. If your part­ner is equipped with one of these chips, you can nev­er be sure what ulti­mate­ly accounts for his or her stead­fast fideli­ty, and can thus nev­er have any real under­stand­ing of your part­ner’s char­ac­ter in this regard. What a shame that such inge­nious tech­nol­o­gy is noth­ing more than a bla­tant insult to the roman­tic rela­tion­ship. (Side­note: Got­ta get some of that choco­late, though.)

One thought on “fidelity frankenstein”

  1. As if Amer­i­ca does­n’t have enough of a weight prob­lem as it is! Can you imag­ine what will hap­pen when those choco­late bars hit the streets? INSANE!

    And robot­ic pros­ti­tutes have been around in sci­ence fic­tion for quite some time, so I would­n’t be sur­prised to see them in action before I die. And let’s be hon­est — who would­n’t want to have one of those in his/her clos­et? Make mine with blue hair, please. 😉

    The microchip thing makes sense to me, though, at least as far as prenups and divorce set­tle­ments are con­cerned… but then again, one of those sug­gests the poten­tial fail­ure of the rela­tion­ship and the oth­er one fol­lows it, so yeah.

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